16th Clan MacLeod Parliament

The next Clan MacLeod Parliament will start on Saturday 24thJuly, 2010, in  Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, and run to Saturday 31st July 2010. 

The first gathering of MacLeods at Dunvegan Castle took place in 1956. Itwas called a Parliament by Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod. Since then the Clan MacLeod Parliament has met every three years, until 1974, and since then every four years.

For further information contact Dorna Caskie, Parliament Co-ordinator, on parliament@clanmacleod.org

The 14th Clan MacLeod Parliament at Dunvegan castle, isle of Skye, August 2002.<br />&copy; Neil MacLeod, Vancouver, 2002
Stornoway Harbour, Lewis © Ruari Halford-MacLeod 1998.